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Tribute to a friend, Franck

Prayer I wrote in tribute to Franck, a friend, who passed away few months ago.

Breath of your heart,
Breath of life,
Breath of you,
I know Franck that you are hearing us right now and that you are close to us,
Fly away now,
Free yourself from your mantle of suffering,
Continue to love as you knew how to do it so well,
I know that now you are at peace,
Delivered from your suffering
And now all the magical paths of your heart
Merge with all the magical paths of God’s heart
And that explosion of love will open the door of your liberation.
May your heart so deeply touched by life
Find the path of light and peace.
My God Love,
The day of physical separation has arrived.
Spread through the brilliance of his soul
The essence of your love,
Project through his breath
A myriad of glittering droplets of your love
So that they can soak in him as the fire ignites life.
Frank, you will always be ready for us and in us forever.


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