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The parallel world Introduction

First of all, I would like to tell you that I am not preaching for any religion, even though I have studied them all ….

What do I answer when someone asks me this question “is what you believe in god? ”

To my view, there is not necessarily a need for temples, churches, mosques to pray. Because the truth is in you: you do not need to be told   what to think because you already know it.

You can pray in your garden barefoot this is enough. Because the true prayer is the one that comes from your heart. Ask for help for your friends, for your family who is suffering, or simply give thanks. That’s what praying is:  It is to call upon a force greater than ourselves and in which one believes.

As for myself, as a  medium, my personal Truth to me is that …I live in two worlds at the same time.  One where I am here on earth and at the same time, I am  in an other dimension, which I see as somewhere above.

Since I hear my guides clearly. I have clairaudience.

There is really a world parallel to ours which is the world of souls, when the heart stops beating, the soul leaves the body. Your soul is part of your Being. Souls see, hear and talk to each other telepathically.

I will not detail all this because there is a beautiful person who is a journalist and medium who is called Patricia Darre who wrote beautiful books on this subject: “a breath to eternity” and “The lights of the invincible ” for example. And you will learn more about this “other side”.


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