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The journey in full consciousness, Astral Projection

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequencies, information and vibrations.” Nicolas Tesla

The astral projection is a journey into full awareness that one can live outside the body. It is a phenomenon that happens when your astral body is detached from your physical body. This can be done intentionally in a state of meditation for example or accidentally. Indeed, during a coma, a near-death experience or an accident for example, our astral envelope can be projected out of our body and the person then becomes as a spectator of the scene seeing his or her own physical body inanimate and the people around it.

This experience is far more common than people think, people often do not dare to talk about it when it happens accidentally and those who talk about their intentional experience of astral travel are often called crazy ones. This kind of experience changes your life because it opens you to a facet of your Being that was previously unknown to you.

During an astral journey, you feel an enormous feeling of lightness and freedom. You breathe differently because there is no longer any notion of time or space. The physical brain is no longer in the subtle body and yet you think. Which may mean that the brain is not what you think because outside the body you continue to think and analyze. The physical brain simply acts as a transmitter.

In the same way, I think that it is not the physical heart that loves, nor the eyes and the ears that see or hear since outside of your physical body, you continue to hear and to love.

But the definition of the word love is not the same. This is more an unconditional love. It is important to understand that we are not our physical body since in the astral, when we travel, we can see our ceiling body for example.

“Another notion of time and space”

You are in your body of energy, also called astral body. Here the notions of time and space are totally different, you can find yourself instantly in a place which allows you to access new dimensions of space.

You move where you want, your body of light passes through matter that is denser in our physical world. You can simply though the power of one small intention transport yourself to any place in record time.

“New faculties are opening up”

When you leave your body, you automatically become telepathic, you can come in direct contact with anyone who is also out of his physical body or just those who belong to other worlds. Up there you can hear all the languages ​​that exist on our planet or outside our planet. The soul also sees distinctly as you see, the soul hears as distinctly as you hear, and all souls talk to each other telepathically without any problem.

“When you die, your energy body leaves your body but does not die”

As soon as the physical heart stops beating the soul leaves the body immediately. There is usually one or more members of your family or friends who can pick you up and your guides too. They are there to receive you, to appease you, before passing the tunnel of divine light that exists and that is the separation between the heavenly world and the earthly world. In fact, it’s just another dimension.

“The physical body is like a garment of the soul”

In conclusion, we can say that the astral traveller realizes, seeing his or her carnal envelope resting quietly at a distance, that the physical body is only a garment of the soul. A simple coating that he or she has for during this stay on earth. One also realizes that other dimensions remain to be explored and that they are unlimited. A pleasant serenity accompanies this awareness.


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