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I would like to explain to you what the term divine means because when it is quoted, it is a nuisance for many people and I can hear criticisms or laughter. It causes some kind of allergic reaction in some people. But I think these people have not grasped the nuance. The divine is not god, it is completely different.

Some people think that the DIVINE is associated with religion, with the obligation to go to the church on Sunday, to listen to priests’ sermons, etc. No, the Divine is none of this. The Divine has no exact definition. In the ancient peoples who transmitted to us our culture and our knowledge he called himself « the nameless » because for them it was impossible to define, we must live it. It imposes no doctrine or law. The Divine leaves our Soul and our heart free to choose, to live and to progress.

The Divine is a beautiful stream of life that flows through the universe, human beings, through all life. HE IS.

It is the opening of our field of consciousness, it raises our vibrations, it is not palpable, it is simply in us. He does not judge he accepts. It is a luminous wave that crosses us, it is a spark of love, a spark of life.

The divine does not translate a presence in us but the presence. It is a very beautiful spark of life that vibrates in complete harmony with love. It is the key to access what we desperately seek everywhere, but we have forgotten one important thing is that it is within us. Some time ago I received a message that said:

« Do not look for a god other than yourself, get to know yourself because the light is in you. Give others happiness and accept to receive from others while leaving them for what they are, without mystifying them and taking what they give you for what you have wanted to see from them. There is a part of us in each of them, be humble, be attentive to you, open to others by always staying « the light ». Have confidence in yourself and above all, go at your own pace and let others do the same, things do not happen by chance.
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