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kindness yogi

May you always be protected, erverywhere you go, every step you take traveling or staying at home
May you always meet the right people who inspire you deeply and bring you further in your path
May you always be surrounded by real friends in you can trust and be totally yourself
May you have the power to walk the path of your heart and to walk the path of your life
And never erver let what others people think of you or your fears guide your way
May you have the ability to unfold your full potential and to fly free like a bird
May you become part of the net of people around the globe who try to make a difference
May you become a shining light and aspiration to others by the way you live your life
May we all stay connected to bring our energies together so help this planet the environment, the animals and the people who need our help so badly right now

Unknown author


Boudhism gathering prayer

Oh my Almighty God, spark of love from my heart,
May your crystalline divine consciousness reach all the messengers who have been elected on this earth,
You men and women of all religions,
You messengers of love representing the Divine Universal Law,
Let us unite our hearts, our prayers, our love, so that this force may swirl, unite, gather all the children of God
Let’s take them under our wings,
Let us guide them on their way that will lead them straight to this God of love, with a different name according to their religion but which will always represent one and only God
Because one day we will all be united in this universal love
May my prayer and my love reach your hearts forever



girl praying

In the frantic whirlwind of time
In the sinuous corridors of feelings
In the immense sea of ​​doubt
You are here
You my heart, my endless lode of love
You knew every day how to overcome the mountains of Everest
To cross the winding currents of a rough sea and to climb the highest summits to be
You are the wealth of all that is, you are the temple of my Being, you are the spring that springs
You are the masterful combination of all the stars of the firmament
You are
You are my companion for decades
You take the hard knocks of life
Sometimes you lighten my sadness to make the sun shine again
You know what’s good for me
You know where the limits of acceptance are
You know how to calm down after the storm
And you know how to heal after a pain
You know
You know so many things
What am I
What I live
You are my light, my sun, my stars
You are my fellow traveler
You are that precious diamond that shines in me like a beautiful beam of light
You make vibrate this magic note which upsets me so much at times
This note that takes different faces, different colors according to the interpretation
This magical note is so beautiful
And that’s why we call it



water green grasse

Prayer I wrote in tribute to Franck, a friend, who passed away few months ago.

Breath of your heart,
Breath of life,
Breath of you,
I know Franck that you are hearing us right now and that you are close to us,
Fly away now,
Free yourself from your mantle of suffering,
Continue to love as you knew how to do it so well,
I know that now you are at peace,
Delivered from your suffering
And now all the magical paths of your heart
Merge with all the magical paths of God’s heart
And that explosion of love will open the door of your liberation.
May your heart so deeply touched by life
Find the path of light and peace.
My God Love,
The day of physical separation has arrived.
Spread through the brilliance of his soul
The essence of your love,
Project through his breath
A myriad of glittering droplets of your love
So that they can soak in him as the fire ignites life.
Frank, you will always be ready for us and in us forever.