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Boudhism gathering prayer

Oh my Almighty God, spark of love from my heart,
May your crystalline divine consciousness reach all the messengers who have been elected on this earth,
You men and women of all religions,
You messengers of love representing the Divine Universal Law,
Let us unite our hearts, our prayers, our love, so that this force may swirl, unite, gather all the children of God
Let’s take them under our wings,
Let us guide them on their way that will lead them straight to this God of love, with a different name according to their religion but which will always represent one and only God
Because one day we will all be united in this universal love
May my prayer and my love reach your hearts forever



prayer book hands

My God Love
I ask you by your divine clarity
To fill my heart and my mind
From your sweet heat of life
Drive me by all the Magic way of your heart …
In this limitless space
Where I can cross the intensity and strength of your power …
Wrap me with your Divine strength
That it can cross …
The least cell of my body
The smallest space of my heart
And all the deep gardens of my mind …
Allow me my God Love
By this symbiosis ..
To find the peace of my being
And of my soul …