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The opening of consciousness is a process of transformation that leads us to better accept, understand and apprehend our world and ourselves. It is a process of acceptance and humility. In fact, the opening of consciousness corresponds to a beautiful vision of the world whether it is inside or outside. At least that is the result after the opening.

The fact that our consciousness opens up allows us to grow, to evolve, to learn about ourselves and others. This is the beginning of a process of openness, learning and transformation that will follow you on your path of evolution.

You then observe your old patterns of life in a completely different and unattached way. It allows you to make new decisions for your life, more freely and more in tune with  your deepest aspirations. There is a different perspective on your world, often after a process of open awareness, people naturally turn to others, understand and accept others by recognizing and accepting their differences naturally. A feeling of compassion develops, and selfishness moves away.

“We are creators of our own world”

Often our vision of the universe and the world becomes much broader and more unified as well. And here we have understood the essential, we are part of a great whole and we are all responsible, all individually, for all that is created here below. The positive as the negative.

As a result, we understand the impact of our actions on ourselves and especially on the planet and the entire universe. We become aware of the impact of our decisions, our thoughts, our actions and our words. Because everything is linked. We are creators and we are all connected to each other, all connected.

As a magnetizer alongside our parallel world, I would say that it is the opening of consciousness of each of us that serves the entire universe. We have arrived at a critical time in our world. Disruption of our society, inequality, difficult relationships between people, cartesian relations, destruction of our nature and excessive profits.

“A change of global consciousness is imperative nowadays”

The state of our physical world is the reason is why an evolution of consciousness is imperative now: For our own good as well as the good of the planet. The more beings that are incarnated on our earth will open their consciousness, the more they will allow the earth and the universe to raise their own energy vibrations.

How to open one’s consciousness?

To open one’s consciousness, one must first see and learn the lessons of life. Look back and accept what has been to better accept what is now. Removing yourself from your old pains and scars to be able to put a new vision on your life and on yourself emptied of all external conditioning and carried by your heart and your deep aspirations. To open one’s consciousness is to use new patterns of thought, more attentive to yourself and the world.

“Meditation, a wonderful tool for opening consciousness”

These new patterns will gradually be installed using tools such as meditation for example. It teaches you to step back on yourself or at least what you thought you were yourself. An interior space is created, the masks you wore, the roles you identified in daily life and which are the source of many worries fall down gently one by one.

The opening of consciousness is done gradually and will gently guide you towards a clearer vision of what you really are, a soul who has come to learn and evolve on this planet with a missions in accordance with the universe, the source or God (put the name you want on it)

For those who have already opened their consciousness they know that we incarnate ourselves many times on this planet and that we return until we have settled our own problems of human being. But each incarnation is a step towards the opening of consciousness and that is why we evolve constantly. We are continually contributing to the spiritual elevation of our planet.

“Letting go and acceptance”

The most difficult part of this process of opening consciousness is to accept letting go. To accept not knowing everything and to accept to be much more than what we seem to be. Letting go of the initial patterns that limit us in our thoughts and choices. To accept this space that is created when you realize what has blocked you all this time and let go in this space without knowing but with confidence. Because letting go is also accepting deep down in ourselvces this small way which says to us “Continue, have faith, everything is possible, you wish it then everything is possible”.

That is why it is important to observe and grow beyond the patterns and beliefs that suffocate us to simply open up to what is in the present here and now. In many cases all these beliefs and thoughts come from our education, our parents, the society in which we live, and it is up to us to accept, understand and overcome them. To achieve all this we must let go, not resist these beliefs and patterns but simply accept them, welcome them and leave them behind. This process is like a cleansing of your mind and somehow resetting your mind to better accept and understand what is.

“Reconnect with your heart and your soul”

Perhaps you think that if you lose all these beliefs, all these patterns that you have drawn, you will lose your bearings and therefore feel lost. But I assure you that is not the case. If you focus with your new vision you will be able to listen to the path of your inner guidance, to the path of your heart. Because even if you can let yourself be influenced by certain thoughts, the path of your heart is the only true one to tell you the truth. He alone knows what is good for you and what you need to believe or not.

No I made a mistake, it’s not just the heart because there is our soul too. It tells us the right way. Because very often if you go on this spiritual path you doubt and very often I hear: “not all this is not possible”, “No, no, no Katia it scares me too much” or “but anything” .

“Exceed your fears and accept what is”

In all these cases you are faced with your fears. As far as I was concerned, I was in this case ten years ago. But thanks to this wonderful clairaudience that I was given I was able to discover this way of opening. The guides, the guardian angels, the angels, the archangels, the ascended masters, the enlightened beings and this teaching that I can receive for years have totally opened my consciousness. All this resonates in me as a transparent and clear vision and I know now that all this is true and just. For me at least. And I am perfectly ready to accomplish my mission with their help.

All beings of lights up there evolve in fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh dimensions and more. We are in the third dimension and we are about to pass the fourth dimension, but there is so much to tell you about it that it will certainly be a story for another time.

In conclusion

I would say that if you want to change the course of things, that you want evil to disappear from your life and, on a different scale, from our planet, open your awareness even more and help others to do the same. Because if all beings were aware of being a drop of water in this vast ocean, we would go hand in hand to direct the current towards the evolution of humanity. And as I am a positive and passionate woman I believe in this transformation.