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amour de soi

It is the key to the door of the heart. The goal is that you find the key to this door so that you can access it constantly in your daily life. It is nestled in you, nowhere else than in you. The door to the heart is only the door to your heart.
And in this cocoon, when you curl up in it, you feel a deep and lasting peace.
When hearts resonate in unison, men communicate easily even if he does not speak the same language.
Become a generator of love and propagate it. Every spark of love you sow raises your vibrational frequency. There is no more powerful and effective healing elixir.
Your heart knows, it does not lie and testifies to the purest truth. It is your ultimate path.
The heart represents the only gateway to a higher consciousness.
Each of you is the bearer of this germ which is love.

Bright thoughts to all

âmes soeurs

Soul mates

Soul mates recognize each other even if they are different. It is not a physical recognition but the recognition is done at the level of the soul.

Souls are attracted to each other like magnets, as if they have known each other for a long time and this is the case.

The soul mate can be of the same sex or of the opposite sex. It is not necessarily a person with whom you will live a romantic relationship. It’s actually a soul that searches for the same thing as you, that vibrates like you. Someone who will go a long way with you, with whom you have things in common. Often it’s a soul you’ve already met in a previous life.

The Twin Flame

It’s your true love, when I speak love, it’s unconditional love. It’s your other, the other part of yourself. Together the energy is increased tenfold. It’s as if you are discovering parts buried deep in your soul.

It’s a unique feeling of being one person. You radiate, it’s a true love, the flame that never goes out.

Bright thoughts to all



Love is not a word, it is an essence, a power, a vibration, it is simply life.
It is the most precious element and the most important vibration of existence, a living dynamic force.

It transcends time and crosses space. Love can heal everything. His power can transform everything and overcome everything.

It is a constant power where we can find harmony and draw our vital energies.
Love is what you all are. What you give your family and friends every day.

It’s friendship, it’s a loving look on you, it’s the love of a man or a woman.

It’s full of other things too, so I would just say it’s LIFE in all caps.

Bright thoughts to all