girl praying

Poem to my heart

In the frantic whirlwind of time
In the sinuous corridors of feelings
In the immense sea of ​​doubt
You are here
You my heart, my endless lode of love
You knew every day how to overcome the mountains of Everest
To cross the winding currents of a rough sea and to climb the highest summits to be
You are the wealth of all that is, you are the temple of my Being, you are the spring that springs
You are the masterful combination of all the stars of the firmament
You are
You are my companion for decades
You take the hard knocks of life
Sometimes you lighten my sadness to make the sun shine again
You know what’s good for me
You know where the limits of acceptance are
You know how to calm down after the storm
And you know how to heal after a pain
You know
You know so many things
What am I
What I live
You are my light, my sun, my stars
You are my fellow traveler
You are that precious diamond that shines in me like a beautiful beam of light
You make vibrate this magic note which upsets me so much at times
This note that takes different faces, different colors according to the interpretation
This magical note is so beautiful
And that’s why we call it



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