volcan en feux

My God

Radiance of my heart,
Celestial Magic of my thoughts,
Divine Light of my soul,
You who is …
Through me travels the magical flow of the Divine Flame,
You who is …
Your strength and your power over me,
Like a tidal wave in the ocean,
You who is …
Each of my thoughts turn to You,
My inner stars explode
To form a celestial sphere radiating each being
You who is …
I ask you to bring with you the feeling of sadness and loneliness,
Who sometimes invade me,
For the sweetness and joy
Come flood my heart again
My love for You is indefinable, inexpressible,
It is…
It’s the wind blowing in the trees,
It is the sweetness of a look,
It is the smile of a stranger,
It is the love you give me every day,
It is the sparkling whirlwind that vibrates in me so hard,
So strong that my breath has to slow down.
It is You,
It is Me,
It is We …
It is this magic of Love that will unite us forever
Through space,
Through time,
Through my lives,
Through all that I am and what I would be forever


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