homme plage mer

Poem for the Soul

Mirror of my Soul Mirror of my life

I hear day after day
This melody of the heart
Spreading these words of anger
Of revolt and fatigue

I feel day after day
The grayish throbbing filter
Who fills every corner
From my heart and my mind

I translate day after day
This message from up there
May your voice blow in my ear

I see day after day
The language of love
That you draw on my lips
Sometimes closed locked from the inside

I know my god Love
That the real accomplishment
Is the one we are going to search
In the deepest of oneself
This achievement tells me

« Look in front of you Katia, the word of God is a word of Love, of acceptance and comfort. Love what is. Live every day as a new day and accept what others are without judgment or denial. Accept life as you have chosen with this wisdom that guides you « 

Mirror of my Soul Mirror of my life

I hear your message
Now day after day
This love song
Will vibrate through my whole being
My heart will be joined to your heart
And from this union will spring
All the sacred melodies of my heart
All the scented scents of my mind
Because I walk with you, near you and in you




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