Parallel Worlds


✨ Happiness and the influence it can have on our existence. ✨ Contentment Contentment brings happiness, even in poverty. Dissatisfaction brings misfortune, even in wealth. Happiness is to continue to desire what you already have. ✨ The meaning of life The meaning of life is to learn to be good, beyond what we have, objects […]

Adama canalisation

This message from Adama transmitted by Katia and transmitted during the meeting on the theme of Awakening of Consciousness on November 16, 2019 in Le Mans. Answer to the question: What happens when you raise your consciousness? “It would be helpful if you realized how limited your current state of consciousness is. Take the time […]

lemurie water city

What is Lemuria? About 4500000 BC, with the permission of God, Father / Mother, the Archangel Mickael and the angels of the blue flame, escorted to Earth the first souls destined to become the seed of the Lemurian race. The new souls incarnated on this planet were from the MU Earth. The Earth was beautiful, […]

marijuana spirit

First of all, we must know that at the very beginning when the sacred plants were used, their role was to increase energy and consciousness. In the distant past, plants were respected and considered sacred These plants, which altered the state of consciousness of the people, helped them to perceive their divine qualities. Shamans used […]