amour de soi

It is the key to the door of the heart. The goal is that you find the key to this door so that you can access it constantly in your daily life. It is nestled in you, nowhere else than in you. The door to the heart is only the door to your heart.
And in this cocoon, when you curl up in it, you feel a deep and lasting peace.
When hearts resonate in unison, men communicate easily even if he does not speak the same language.
Become a generator of love and propagate it. Every spark of love you sow raises your vibrational frequency. There is no more powerful and effective healing elixir.
Your heart knows, it does not lie and testifies to the purest truth. It is your ultimate path.
The heart represents the only gateway to a higher consciousness.
Each of you is the bearer of this germ which is love.

Bright thoughts to all

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