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Introduction on the Being

Each person comes on this earth with his or her own mission for this life, this may be difficult for some to accept, but each one has his or her own way to go.

You are all in your own individuality very beautiful people, but most of you are overwhelmed by problems and suffering.

If you pause for a few moments and focus on your life, you will find that the beauty in your heart only wants to come out, to express itself and to blossom.

There are different ways to reconnect with your inner light

Reconnect with your inner light

First of all, since you are on this earth, all instants of life are recorded in your subconscious, joy, sorrow, suffering … Everything is there you just have to do a little cleaning of this accumulation, which may prevent you from thriving and realizing yourself fully.

Some magnetizers like me may help you in this way, it is often a matter of finding the right person.

The goal is to remove all those dark layers that prevent the light of your being from expressing itself fully.

Every person on this earth has a divine light. You are all very beautiful people and beautiful souls but you have to push the doors to let this beauty rise to the top and shine.

There are many other very qualified people to help you, psychologists, sophrologists, kinesiologists, hypnotists, and other people whose job is to identify what is darkening you.

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