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The Fifth Dimension

We are currently on our Earth, moving into the fourth dimension. The celestial hierarchy wants our Mother Earth to move into the fifth dimension.

What is the Fifth Dimension?

The fifth dimension will not be a place or surrender but a condition of being that we will have to reach to pass in the vibrations of this dimension. The fifth dimension is a vibration that belongs to the vibrations of love, trust, compassion, faith, grace, and gratitude. This is a magnificent frequency of the purest form.

It is the joy and progress of your experience on Earth that makes you evolve towards it. The grace of the planet allowed every soul incarnated on this Earth to accede to this evolution.

You can, if you wish, fully awaken your mastery and the evolution of your consciousness and your soul while remaining in your present incarnation. Each person is responsible for their energy level.

Compassion, a key to the fifth dimension

The main practice is the offering of compassion, non-violent communication in thoughts, words, deeds and feelings.
Compassion for oneself is the diamond of spiritual awakening and is a vibration of the fifth dimension.

It is now necessary to purify and refine one’s own vibration.

Put your identity in question and ask yourself these simple questions: Who am I? What is my value system?
The answer must then come from the depths of your heart. Where is my Divine Self? Connect to the part of your being who is awake to know the answer.

The first step is the experience of being present in your heart, in your divine essence.

When I speak of love, trust, faith, compassion, grace and gratitude, it does not refer to intellectual concepts.

Compassion This is not a popular idea. It is an energy that creates lights in your universe.

Grace is not a religious notion or a promise. It is a palpable energy that can be perceived and sent to the world around us.

Faith and Trust are not promises These are frequencies that animate every breath you take in the physical sphere and every inspiration of your soul in the divine sphere.

Gratitude has nothing to do with a mark of politeness that is instilled in you as a child. It’s an energetic recognition of the universe that tells you that you are in alignment with the source.

And Love is not a romantic or religious overflow, it is essentially the energy that animates the whole of creation.

I know that for many of you it will take a significant and constant effort to understand and embrace these different frequencies but sincerely, try, and then you will see change in your lives and the lightness of your soul will animate you.

Thank you Adama

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