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Effect of Recreational Drugs on Spiritual Development

First of all, we must know that at the very beginning when the sacred plants were used, their role was to increase energy and consciousness.

In the distant past, plants were respected and considered sacred

These plants, which altered the state of consciousness of the people, helped them to perceive their divine qualities. Shamans used them for example to increase telepathic faculties, as well as gifts of clairaudiance, clairvoyance, etc … This spiritual opening allowed the connection with the angelic kingdom, with the spirits of nature, with the animal kingdom and all the beings who are on the other side of the veil.
The energies thus developed by the use of these sacred plants gave access to interdimensional travel because the plants were endowed with a vibratory frequency of the 5th dimension and more.

These substances were not smoked and then inhaled into the lungs as many do nowadays. The plants were respected and it was necessary to ask the authorization of the Devas of each plant to benefit from their properties.
They were considered as a food of the soul as important as the food for the body. They had a very high vibration.

Nowadays, drugs are very different

« Current herbs have nothing to do with those used many years ago for spiritual purposes. »

Now the herbs that the present generation smokes in the hope of establishing a connection to the higher planes have nothing to do with those that were used many years ago for spiritual purposes.

« What users consume brings them to lower planes of the astral sphere, they open the door to negative entities in their bodies. »

Today these drugs have negative vibrations. What young people and adults consume leads them to lower planes of the astral sphere. Without knowing it, in the astral sphere, consumers are captured and attacked by entities that need their energies in order to survive.

These entities are the root cause of dependencies. They are born of distortions in the emotional body of users because after a while these entities become more and more aggressive. So as people use these substances, the entities are more and more numerous in the energetic bodies of their hosts. In this astral world, the light is veiled and the consciousness distorted.


Damages with heavy consequences

The substances available today can only adversely affect the mental and spiritual state of the consumer and lead him into a very tortuous mental state where the ego takes over. The damage caused by these drugs so denature the body that in many cases it will take several lives and reincarnation to repair the damage done …

What you can not see (I speak to the consumers of these poisons) is that dozens see hundreds of evil entities cling to you and torment you collectively and incite you to consume advantage again.

These entities have the appearance of opaque smoke snakes measuring 2 to 5 meters in length. It is amplified in the form of an energy that envelops all the body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). This leads most of the time to personality changes and psychological damage.

And again I repeat that those who spend this life in this state of dependence will probably have to live several incarnations before returning to a level of consciousness identical to the one they had when coming into this life.


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