Consciousness Opening

buddha face

The opening of consciousness is a process of transformation that leads us to better accept, understand and apprehend our world and ourselves. It is a process of acceptance and humility. In fact, the opening of consciousness corresponds to a beautiful vision of the world whether it is inside or outside. At least that is the […]

I would like to explain to you today how the energy works and the relationship between the earth and yourself. The crystal grid, the real life system of our planet The earth is traversed over its entire surface by networks of energy flows which intersect and which constitute its true vital system. This network is […]

Adama canalisation

This message from Adama transmitted by Katia and transmitted during the meeting on the theme of Awakening of Consciousness on November 16, 2019 in Le Mans. Answer to the question: What happens when you raise your consciousness? « It would be helpful if you realized how limited your current state of consciousness is. Take the time […]

marche paradis

We are currently on our Earth, moving into the fourth dimension. The celestial hierarchy wants our Mother Earth to move into the fifth dimension. What is the Fifth Dimension? The fifth dimension will not be a place or surrender but a condition of being that we will have to reach to pass in the vibrations […]

lemurie water city

What is Lemuria? About 4500000 BC, with the permission of God, Father / Mother, the Archangel Mickael and the angels of the blue flame, escorted to Earth the first souls destined to become the seed of the Lemurian race. The new souls incarnated on this planet were from the MU Earth. The Earth was beautiful, […]

arbre ciel cosmos

I would like to explain to you what the term divine means because when it is quoted, it is a nuisance for many people and I can hear criticisms or laughter. It causes some kind of allergic reaction in some people. But I think these people have not grasped the nuance. The divine is not […]

Boudhism gathering prayer

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is, as its name suggests, becoming fully aware of what is in the present, the “here and now.” Easy! Are you going to tell me? Well, not so easy because our lives are, for the most part, dictated by our mind, by our instinctive reactions, by our education, by society and […]

nature light flow

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequencies, information and vibrations.” Nicolas Tesla The astral projection is a journey into full awareness that one can live outside the body. It is a phenomenon that happens when your astral body is detached from your physical body. This can […]