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What is Lemuria?

About 4500000 BC, with the permission of God, Father / Mother, the Archangel Mickael and the angels of the blue flame, escorted to Earth the first souls destined to become the seed of the Lemurian race.

The new souls incarnated on this planet were from the MU Earth. The Earth was beautiful, abundant and of an inconceivable beauty these days. It was the most exquisite paradise in the universe.

This perfection lasted several million years until the beginning of the fall of consciousness which intervened during the fourth golden age.

At that time, other races from Sirius, Alpha, Centaur, Pleiades, and other planets came to join the other souls, and the crossing of all these races enriched the Lemurian civilization.

Lemuria, the mother country, became on this planet the cradle of a radiant civilization that will contribute to the advancement of many other civilizations including the Atlantean civilization.


Where was Lemuria?

The Lemurian age stretched from approximately 4500000 BC until around 12000 years ago. Before the sinking of the continents of Lemuria and later Atlantis, the planet consisted of 7 main continents.
Lands belonging to Lemuria lying under the Pacific Ocean include the island of Hawaii, Easter Island, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.
The Earths around the Indian Ocean and Madagascar were also part of it. The eastern side of Lemuria stretched to California and part of British Columbia in Canada.

How did Lemuria disappear?

Following incessant wars between them, Lemuria and Atlantis were the object of great devastation. Indeed, 25,000 years ago these two greatest civilizations of the time were fighting over the way to lead the other civilizations of the planet.

Lemurs believed that less developed cultures should continue to evolve at their own pace according to their own degree of understanding.

The Atlanteans thought that less advanced cultures should be controlled by the two most advanced civilizations.

This disagreement provoked a series of thermonuclear wars. Finally the Atlanteans and Lemuria were victims of their own aggression. People were informed through the priests that in less than 15000 years their continents would be destroyed.

The destruction of the continent took place earlier than expected and many people were unable to escape in time.

Lemuria was engulfed in one night. This continent sank so abruptly that the majority of the inhabitants were not at all aware of what was happening, almost all were asleep. No unusual weather conditions were reported that night.

Many priests and priestesses sacrificed their lives for others that night. They offered their lives to provide support for their radiance and comfort. They offered this help to counterbalance the fear of such a cataclysm. Through the radiance of their sacrifice, these loving benefactors literally enveloped others in a halo of peace and helped them to overcome fear so that the etheric bodies of these streams of life do not get too damaged. They saved them from experiencing more tragic consequences in later incarnations.

End of the first part.


sun set joy

Even if it is difficult to be really yourself, one thing is certain, you can not be yourself if you do not accept yourself. So the first goal you need to fix is:

Take a moment and ask yourself what is important to you and what is valuable to you? And take the time to ask yourself what is the essence and the true aspiration of your being.

” To take some fresh air “

For that, think of the things that you like, practice sports activities that speak to you, take rest periods to open a book. Go once a week to the cinema for example, go for walks in the forest or many other things. Give yourself time to get out of your subway train, work, sleep. These activities will provide you with an interior space to reflect your deep aspirations.

“Turn the page of the past and evolve”

Then a very important state not to cultivate is not to live in the past. Too many people live in the past with perpetual affirmations like:

“Ah, ten years ago I was doing this, I was doing this”
“When I think of our moments of laughter, I regret it”
“I was a lot cooler at the time”

Do not hurt yourself unnecessarily. The past is the past. Turn the page and give yourself the right to forgive your mistakes and forgive yourself for that attitude or behavior you were not proud of for example.

All of this belongs to the past. Now you are in the present moment. Only this one really exists. I would say that in any case, all experiences, no matter what they are, remain positive. They make us evolve. If one of your friends replies to you: “not me, I’m the same as twenty years ago” it may be that somewhere he does not evolve much, he remains in his closed parterns. But I tell you, until the end of our days, we will continue to evolve and learn and that is what makes the great wealth of life.

“Stop comparing yourself to others”

Concentrate on your energy, the inner strength that lies deep within you. Concentrate on it and stop making comparisons of yourself with your neighbor.

The comparison brings you right to grudge or jealousy and this state of being is not good at all. Because instead of focusing on yourself, you are focused on someone else. Which, subsequently, leads to criticism of others. A life filled with criticism directed towards the development of a bad self-esteem, a lack of confidence and a bad mirror for your friends.

As a result, you risk to lose them. Being in analysis, comparison and criticism takes you away from yourself to imprison you because you can not be fully yourself only when you are free from it. To envy one’s neighbor is, in a way, to come out of one’s inner house and thus get lost.

“No one is perfect, find your inner child and laugh! “

In conclusion I would say that there are no miracle recipes. But just try to relax, not worry about your neighbor, take the time to be and laugh at simple things like a child. You are not perfect, nobody is. And the more you will remain the inner child, the more you will remain in simplicity, the lighter your life will be and you will get closer to yourself.

“We attract what we are”

We attract what we are, by being more and more just yourself, you will attract people and situations that match you. Stay away from negativity, if someone criticizes you or throws you some thoughts, do not take it personally, let them talk and do not let those words affect your state of being. It is often these people who have a problem, not you. The person in front of you acts according to his own state of being, his own demons, is maybe jealous or frustrated or maybe both.

In a few words :

In a few words, stay honest and have an open mind. Simply acknowledge your faults, do not compare yourself to others, and do not try to look like this or that person because it will not be you and you will not be happy about it. Keep it simple, do not worry about what others think. Recognize your qualities as well as your faults, welcome your smiles and sorrows and affirm your tolerance and gratitude.

One thing is certain, it is that you attract the people who correspond to you so if you want joy, love and laugh, welcome what you are in the depths of your being.