I would like to explain to you today how the energy works and the relationship between the earth and yourself.

The crystal grid, the real life system of our planet

The earth is traversed over its entire surface by networks of energy flows which intersect and which constitute its true vital system. This network is called the planetary crystal grid. In the same way that the body is supplied by a circulatory system.

As far as humans are concerned, our energy network is made up of acupuncture meridians (in Chinese medicine) or nadias (Hindu tradition) is the body’s energy network. The planetary grid has a total of 62 points, all these figures that you see on the drawing below form a planetary crystal grid with points and a geometric configuration. All these geometric shapes (pentagons) are sacred. This grid is based on the magnetic poles (the North Pole and the South Pole) as well as on the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. This is where its center of gravity is.



The planetary crystal grid is alive and evolving.

Currently, we are confronted with major modifications of the grid unfortunately due to human experience and to all that is happening on this earth (duality, the cut of man with his divine Being)

We are, in a way, living the repair of this cut and reconnecting with our interior and exterior universe. In recent years, a new crystal grid has been put in place. It will allow the earth and humanity to receive energies of renewal. This means that we are made to realize that we are all children in this universe. We are all points of the great whole, we are all connected with each other as well as with all creatures that are alive.

I have told you many times (in workshops and in conferences) that we are creators of our reality and that is exactly it. This cycle change has very big repercussions on the earth, on our physical life, our body but also on our minds. Why ?


Everything is linked and we are linked to this crystal grid.

Here what I want you to understand is your connection with the energy flow of the human body. Everything is linked and we are linked to this crystal grid. We all are without exception, because the energy that circulates in our meridians is connected to the planetary crystal grid.

You know that we are composed of multiple subtle bodies on several levels of density. (This has already been explained to you more than once) The densest body is the physical body, above it the other bodies are piled up like Russian dolls. There is the Vital, Emotional, Mental body and the spiritual bodies. All of these subtle bodies are structured by channels known as the body’s meridians. They are the ones that carry the energy. This whole network includes main networks (the seven major chakras), they then branch out into secondary vessels and then further down into even thinner small vessels. There are millions of them that fuel our bodies and keep them functioning. The real crossroads where the meridians intersect are our chakras.


By this photo you can understand a little more the irradiation of energy that it causes.

So your main chakras are implanted along your column where your central channel is located. They are transformation centers and regulate the life energy in your body. They work and work thanks to your endocrine glands which release all the hormones into the blood. These hormones have a direct impact on emotions and your psychological state. There is a direct link in the glands, the chakras and your psychological state. Everything is related to the energy of the crystal grid.

There is constant communication between our body, our planet and the whole cosmos

The chakras extend along your spine across the front and back of the body. They can be materialized as sorts of double funnels like antennas. These antennas of your body allow you to communicate with the planetary energy grid and with the whole universe. The chakras capture and send information to the meridians and to all of your organs. It goes one way and the other. We are all connected to mother earth and the cosmos by our subtle bodies and by our chakras. This is how your bodies work and how they relate to the planetary energy grid.

Adama canalisation

This message from Adama transmitted by Katia and transmitted during the meeting on the theme of Awakening of Consciousness on November 16, 2019 in Le Mans.

Answer to the question:

What happens when you raise your consciousness?

« It would be helpful if you realized how limited your current state of consciousness is.

Take the time to contemplate the true meaning of freedom and what it means to you.

Decide what you want in your life and how it goes.

What are your dreams?

What do you want to express in your present incarnation?

What are your goal in life?

What you don’t realize is that everything is accessible to you when you are aware of your awareness above your limited perceptions.

Open your heart and your conscience to the other kingdoms of the earth, you will discover their magic and their harmony.

Seek to understand who animals really are, what their role is on this planet, and how they can help you.

Partly because of the list of species, appearances, sizes and breeds, you know little about animals.

Open your heart and your perception to what is above, below and around you in the visible and invisible worlds.

In doing so, you begin to open yourself to unconditional love and so many beautiful things.

Yours »


marche paradis

We are currently on our Earth, moving into the fourth dimension. The celestial hierarchy wants our Mother Earth to move into the fifth dimension.

What is the Fifth Dimension?

The fifth dimension will not be a place or surrender but a condition of being that we will have to reach to pass in the vibrations of this dimension. The fifth dimension is a vibration that belongs to the vibrations of love, trust, compassion, faith, grace, and gratitude. This is a magnificent frequency of the purest form.

It is the joy and progress of your experience on Earth that makes you evolve towards it. The grace of the planet allowed every soul incarnated on this Earth to accede to this evolution.

You can, if you wish, fully awaken your mastery and the evolution of your consciousness and your soul while remaining in your present incarnation. Each person is responsible for their energy level.

Compassion, a key to the fifth dimension

The main practice is the offering of compassion, non-violent communication in thoughts, words, deeds and feelings.
Compassion for oneself is the diamond of spiritual awakening and is a vibration of the fifth dimension.

It is now necessary to purify and refine one’s own vibration.

Put your identity in question and ask yourself these simple questions: Who am I? What is my value system?
The answer must then come from the depths of your heart. Where is my Divine Self? Connect to the part of your being who is awake to know the answer.

The first step is the experience of being present in your heart, in your divine essence.

When I speak of love, trust, faith, compassion, grace and gratitude, it does not refer to intellectual concepts.

Compassion This is not a popular idea. It is an energy that creates lights in your universe.

Grace is not a religious notion or a promise. It is a palpable energy that can be perceived and sent to the world around us.

Faith and Trust are not promises These are frequencies that animate every breath you take in the physical sphere and every inspiration of your soul in the divine sphere.

Gratitude has nothing to do with a mark of politeness that is instilled in you as a child. It’s an energetic recognition of the universe that tells you that you are in alignment with the source.

And Love is not a romantic or religious overflow, it is essentially the energy that animates the whole of creation.

I know that for many of you it will take a significant and constant effort to understand and embrace these different frequencies but sincerely, try, and then you will see change in your lives and the lightness of your soul will animate you.

Thank you Adama

lemurie water city

What is Lemuria?

About 4500000 BC, with the permission of God, Father / Mother, the Archangel Mickael and the angels of the blue flame, escorted to Earth the first souls destined to become the seed of the Lemurian race.

The new souls incarnated on this planet were from the MU Earth. The Earth was beautiful, abundant and of an inconceivable beauty these days. It was the most exquisite paradise in the universe.

This perfection lasted several million years until the beginning of the fall of consciousness which intervened during the fourth golden age.

At that time, other races from Sirius, Alpha, Centaur, Pleiades, and other planets came to join the other souls, and the crossing of all these races enriched the Lemurian civilization.

Lemuria, the mother country, became on this planet the cradle of a radiant civilization that will contribute to the advancement of many other civilizations including the Atlantean civilization.


Where was Lemuria?

The Lemurian age stretched from approximately 4500000 BC until around 12000 years ago. Before the sinking of the continents of Lemuria and later Atlantis, the planet consisted of 7 main continents.
Lands belonging to Lemuria lying under the Pacific Ocean include the island of Hawaii, Easter Island, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.
The Earths around the Indian Ocean and Madagascar were also part of it. The eastern side of Lemuria stretched to California and part of British Columbia in Canada.

How did Lemuria disappear?

Following incessant wars between them, Lemuria and Atlantis were the object of great devastation. Indeed, 25,000 years ago these two greatest civilizations of the time were fighting over the way to lead the other civilizations of the planet.

Lemurs believed that less developed cultures should continue to evolve at their own pace according to their own degree of understanding.

The Atlanteans thought that less advanced cultures should be controlled by the two most advanced civilizations.

This disagreement provoked a series of thermonuclear wars. Finally the Atlanteans and Lemuria were victims of their own aggression. People were informed through the priests that in less than 15000 years their continents would be destroyed.

The destruction of the continent took place earlier than expected and many people were unable to escape in time.

Lemuria was engulfed in one night. This continent sank so abruptly that the majority of the inhabitants were not at all aware of what was happening, almost all were asleep. No unusual weather conditions were reported that night.

Many priests and priestesses sacrificed their lives for others that night. They offered their lives to provide support for their radiance and comfort. They offered this help to counterbalance the fear of such a cataclysm. Through the radiance of their sacrifice, these loving benefactors literally enveloped others in a halo of peace and helped them to overcome fear so that the etheric bodies of these streams of life do not get too damaged. They saved them from experiencing more tragic consequences in later incarnations.

End of the first part.


arbre ciel cosmos
I would like to explain to you what the term divine means because when it is quoted, it is a nuisance for many people and I can hear criticisms or laughter. It causes some kind of allergic reaction in some people. But I think these people have not grasped the nuance. The divine is not god, it is completely different.

Some people think that the DIVINE is associated with religion, with the obligation to go to the church on Sunday, to listen to priests’ sermons, etc. No, the Divine is none of this. The Divine has no exact definition. In the ancient peoples who transmitted to us our culture and our knowledge he called himself « the nameless » because for them it was impossible to define, we must live it. It imposes no doctrine or law. The Divine leaves our Soul and our heart free to choose, to live and to progress.

The Divine is a beautiful stream of life that flows through the universe, human beings, through all life. HE IS.

It is the opening of our field of consciousness, it raises our vibrations, it is not palpable, it is simply in us. He does not judge he accepts. It is a luminous wave that crosses us, it is a spark of love, a spark of life.

The divine does not translate a presence in us but the presence. It is a very beautiful spark of life that vibrates in complete harmony with love. It is the key to access what we desperately seek everywhere, but we have forgotten one important thing is that it is within us. Some time ago I received a message that said:

« Do not look for a god other than yourself, get to know yourself because the light is in you. Give others happiness and accept to receive from others while leaving them for what they are, without mystifying them and taking what they give you for what you have wanted to see from them. There is a part of us in each of them, be humble, be attentive to you, open to others by always staying « the light ». Have confidence in yourself and above all, go at your own pace and let others do the same, things do not happen by chance.
Boudhism gathering prayer

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is, as its name suggests, becoming fully aware of what is in the present, the “here and now.” Easy! Are you going to tell me? Well, not so easy because our lives are, for the most part, dictated by our mind, by our instinctive reactions, by our education, by society and by automatic patterns of actions and reactions. Not to mention our judgments, speculations and criticisms that take us into a perpetual inner dialogue and prevent us from taking full advantage of what is in the present moment. We are constantly projecting ourselves into the future, into our next actions or in the past; doing so distances us from the present moment. We are finally in an illusion of the present moment but we are not really there, our mind is elsewhere, it is actually in many places at the same time but very rarely here and now.

Very often in daily life, we ​​do not pay attention to what we do. We run with the flow of our lives as if some autopilot was on. Besides we have our little habits. Our mind seems to be following its own course. It will stand as a separating veil with the actual present moment, the simple, the pure. As soon as we look inside ourselves, the mind will analyze, label, judge and comment, and in doing so we disturb our state of consciousness that moves away from mindfulness.

But how to cultivate the present moment and mindfulness?

Mindfulness is not a religion as some might think, it’s just a mental training method. It takes patience and perseverance, and trust me it’s not always easy. Mindfulness does not prevent us from moving forward in life, it allows us to see the world more clearly in order to act with more wisdom and hindsight. We are then in adequacy with our deep Being.

The first step for this is to calm our mind. To leave behind our incessant flow of thoughts, judgments and other projections and to rediscover inner calm.

There is no  miracle recipe, because mindfulness is not acquired in one go, it has to be cultivated. Thoughts will come back again and again, because they are part of us but, with full awareness, you will learn to channel them, to observe them and to no longer identify with them. The goal is to find a new way of dealing with your thoughts so that you do not react any more but act. Therefore you no longer instinctively follow reflexes of reactions caused by this or that thought, but rather observe them, see them coming, and decide freely on your actions. You are no longer in automatic pilot mode, but you take control of your actions, your are present.

What tools to cultivate mindfulness?

The best known tool for practicing mindfulness is meditation. Meditation allows us to take the time to observe what is happening within ourselves. Our thought patterns, our reactions, our wounds, etc. It is a mental training to tame our thoughts and to stop the identification with them. You will not be able to suppress your thoughts, do not look for it, do not fight with it, but just observe them just as they come and go. There are many meditation techniques to cultivate mindfulness, such as concentrating on your breathing or becoming aware of your different senses for example. But regardless of the technique the key to success is  regular practice.

I invite you to read the books D’Eckart Tollé “the power of the present moment” as well as the works of Matthieu Ricard and Christophe André on this subject.

Another simple way to cultivate the present moment is to relax in nature and observe it using your five senses or to be fully aware of everyday actions, such as climbing steps or washing dishes. All actions can be done in awareness and become exercises of presence.


nature light flow

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequencies, information and vibrations.” Nicolas Tesla

The astral projection is a journey into full awareness that one can live outside the body. It is a phenomenon that happens when your astral body is detached from your physical body. This can be done intentionally in a state of meditation for example or accidentally. Indeed, during a coma, a near-death experience or an accident for example, our astral envelope can be projected out of our body and the person then becomes as a spectator of the scene seeing his or her own physical body inanimate and the people around it.

This experience is far more common than people think, people often do not dare to talk about it when it happens accidentally and those who talk about their intentional experience of astral travel are often called crazy ones. This kind of experience changes your life because it opens you to a facet of your Being that was previously unknown to you.

During an astral journey, you feel an enormous feeling of lightness and freedom. You breathe differently because there is no longer any notion of time or space. The physical brain is no longer in the subtle body and yet you think. Which may mean that the brain is not what you think because outside the body you continue to think and analyze. The physical brain simply acts as a transmitter.

In the same way, I think that it is not the physical heart that loves, nor the eyes and the ears that see or hear since outside of your physical body, you continue to hear and to love.

But the definition of the word love is not the same. This is more an unconditional love. It is important to understand that we are not our physical body since in the astral, when we travel, we can see our ceiling body for example.

“Another notion of time and space”

You are in your body of energy, also called astral body. Here the notions of time and space are totally different, you can find yourself instantly in a place which allows you to access new dimensions of space.

You move where you want, your body of light passes through matter that is denser in our physical world. You can simply though the power of one small intention transport yourself to any place in record time.

“New faculties are opening up”

When you leave your body, you automatically become telepathic, you can come in direct contact with anyone who is also out of his physical body or just those who belong to other worlds. Up there you can hear all the languages ​​that exist on our planet or outside our planet. The soul also sees distinctly as you see, the soul hears as distinctly as you hear, and all souls talk to each other telepathically without any problem.

“When you die, your energy body leaves your body but does not die”

As soon as the physical heart stops beating the soul leaves the body immediately. There is usually one or more members of your family or friends who can pick you up and your guides too. They are there to receive you, to appease you, before passing the tunnel of divine light that exists and that is the separation between the heavenly world and the earthly world. In fact, it’s just another dimension.

“The physical body is like a garment of the soul”

In conclusion, we can say that the astral traveller realizes, seeing his or her carnal envelope resting quietly at a distance, that the physical body is only a garment of the soul. A simple coating that he or she has for during this stay on earth. One also realizes that other dimensions remain to be explored and that they are unlimited. A pleasant serenity accompanies this awareness.