I would like to explain to you today how the energy works and the relationship between the earth and yourself.

The crystal grid, the real life system of our planet

The earth is traversed over its entire surface by networks of energy flows which intersect and which constitute its true vital system. This network is called the planetary crystal grid. In the same way that the body is supplied by a circulatory system.

As far as humans are concerned, our energy network is made up of acupuncture meridians (in Chinese medicine) or nadias (Hindu tradition) is the body’s energy network. The planetary grid has a total of 62 points, all these figures that you see on the drawing below form a planetary crystal grid with points and a geometric configuration. All these geometric shapes (pentagons) are sacred. This grid is based on the magnetic poles (the North Pole and the South Pole) as well as on the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. This is where its center of gravity is.



The planetary crystal grid is alive and evolving.

Currently, we are confronted with major modifications of the grid unfortunately due to human experience and to all that is happening on this earth (duality, the cut of man with his divine Being)

We are, in a way, living the repair of this cut and reconnecting with our interior and exterior universe. In recent years, a new crystal grid has been put in place. It will allow the earth and humanity to receive energies of renewal. This means that we are made to realize that we are all children in this universe. We are all points of the great whole, we are all connected with each other as well as with all creatures that are alive.

I have told you many times (in workshops and in conferences) that we are creators of our reality and that is exactly it. This cycle change has very big repercussions on the earth, on our physical life, our body but also on our minds. Why ?


Everything is linked and we are linked to this crystal grid.

Here what I want you to understand is your connection with the energy flow of the human body. Everything is linked and we are linked to this crystal grid. We all are without exception, because the energy that circulates in our meridians is connected to the planetary crystal grid.

You know that we are composed of multiple subtle bodies on several levels of density. (This has already been explained to you more than once) The densest body is the physical body, above it the other bodies are piled up like Russian dolls. There is the Vital, Emotional, Mental body and the spiritual bodies. All of these subtle bodies are structured by channels known as the body’s meridians. They are the ones that carry the energy. This whole network includes main networks (the seven major chakras), they then branch out into secondary vessels and then further down into even thinner small vessels. There are millions of them that fuel our bodies and keep them functioning. The real crossroads where the meridians intersect are our chakras.


By this photo you can understand a little more the irradiation of energy that it causes.

So your main chakras are implanted along your column where your central channel is located. They are transformation centers and regulate the life energy in your body. They work and work thanks to your endocrine glands which release all the hormones into the blood. These hormones have a direct impact on emotions and your psychological state. There is a direct link in the glands, the chakras and your psychological state. Everything is related to the energy of the crystal grid.

There is constant communication between our body, our planet and the whole cosmos

The chakras extend along your spine across the front and back of the body. They can be materialized as sorts of double funnels like antennas. These antennas of your body allow you to communicate with the planetary energy grid and with the whole universe. The chakras capture and send information to the meridians and to all of your organs. It goes one way and the other. We are all connected to mother earth and the cosmos by our subtle bodies and by our chakras. This is how your bodies work and how they relate to the planetary energy grid.


✨ Happiness and the influence it can have on our existence.

✨ Contentment

Contentment brings happiness, even in poverty.
Dissatisfaction brings misfortune, even in wealth.
Happiness is to continue to desire what you already have.

✨ The meaning of life

The meaning of life is to learn to be good, beyond what we have, objects or people who give us pleasure.
It is to discover that happiness and unhappiness are inside us and not in external things or events.
As the ancient masters of Wisdom said:
« Remember that every day is a life and make haste to live well for a long time without worrying about living according to good ».

✨ The secret of happiness

No matter what you do, there will always be someone to find fault with it.
Do what you love or what you just think you can do and you will be happy.

Bright thoughts to all ✨

amour de soi

It is the key to the door of the heart. The goal is that you find the key to this door so that you can access it constantly in your daily life. It is nestled in you, nowhere else than in you. The door to the heart is only the door to your heart.
And in this cocoon, when you curl up in it, you feel a deep and lasting peace.
When hearts resonate in unison, men communicate easily even if he does not speak the same language.
Become a generator of love and propagate it. Every spark of love you sow raises your vibrational frequency. There is no more powerful and effective healing elixir.
Your heart knows, it does not lie and testifies to the purest truth. It is your ultimate path.
The heart represents the only gateway to a higher consciousness.
Each of you is the bearer of this germ which is love.

Bright thoughts to all

âmes soeurs

Soul mates

Soul mates recognize each other even if they are different. It is not a physical recognition but the recognition is done at the level of the soul.

Souls are attracted to each other like magnets, as if they have known each other for a long time and this is the case.

The soul mate can be of the same sex or of the opposite sex. It is not necessarily a person with whom you will live a romantic relationship. It’s actually a soul that searches for the same thing as you, that vibrates like you. Someone who will go a long way with you, with whom you have things in common. Often it’s a soul you’ve already met in a previous life.

The Twin Flame

It’s your true love, when I speak love, it’s unconditional love. It’s your other, the other part of yourself. Together the energy is increased tenfold. It’s as if you are discovering parts buried deep in your soul.

It’s a unique feeling of being one person. You radiate, it’s a true love, the flame that never goes out.

Bright thoughts to all



Love is not a word, it is an essence, a power, a vibration, it is simply life.
It is the most precious element and the most important vibration of existence, a living dynamic force.

It transcends time and crosses space. Love can heal everything. His power can transform everything and overcome everything.

It is a constant power where we can find harmony and draw our vital energies.
Love is what you all are. What you give your family and friends every day.

It’s friendship, it’s a loving look on you, it’s the love of a man or a woman.

It’s full of other things too, so I would just say it’s LIFE in all caps.

Bright thoughts to all


Bras ouverts

What I seek to teach is simplicity, because it is through it that the real game of life is played, without cheating, and to open the heart.
Learn to think for yourself, learn to recognize and respect the sacredness of life.
Learn to simply find its place in harmony.
Learn not to be at war either with yourself or with others and finally feel intimately connected to the Divine everywhere and at all times.
Bright thoughts to all ✨

Adama canalisation

This message from Adama transmitted by Katia and transmitted during the meeting on the theme of Awakening of Consciousness on November 16, 2019 in Le Mans.

Answer to the question:

What happens when you raise your consciousness?

« It would be helpful if you realized how limited your current state of consciousness is.

Take the time to contemplate the true meaning of freedom and what it means to you.

Decide what you want in your life and how it goes.

What are your dreams?

What do you want to express in your present incarnation?

What are your goal in life?

What you don’t realize is that everything is accessible to you when you are aware of your awareness above your limited perceptions.

Open your heart and your conscience to the other kingdoms of the earth, you will discover their magic and their harmony.

Seek to understand who animals really are, what their role is on this planet, and how they can help you.

Partly because of the list of species, appearances, sizes and breeds, you know little about animals.

Open your heart and your perception to what is above, below and around you in the visible and invisible worlds.

In doing so, you begin to open yourself to unconditional love and so many beautiful things.

Yours »


marche paradis

We are currently on our Earth, moving into the fourth dimension. The celestial hierarchy wants our Mother Earth to move into the fifth dimension.

What is the Fifth Dimension?

The fifth dimension will not be a place or surrender but a condition of being that we will have to reach to pass in the vibrations of this dimension. The fifth dimension is a vibration that belongs to the vibrations of love, trust, compassion, faith, grace, and gratitude. This is a magnificent frequency of the purest form.

It is the joy and progress of your experience on Earth that makes you evolve towards it. The grace of the planet allowed every soul incarnated on this Earth to accede to this evolution.

You can, if you wish, fully awaken your mastery and the evolution of your consciousness and your soul while remaining in your present incarnation. Each person is responsible for their energy level.

Compassion, a key to the fifth dimension

The main practice is the offering of compassion, non-violent communication in thoughts, words, deeds and feelings.
Compassion for oneself is the diamond of spiritual awakening and is a vibration of the fifth dimension.

It is now necessary to purify and refine one’s own vibration.

Put your identity in question and ask yourself these simple questions: Who am I? What is my value system?
The answer must then come from the depths of your heart. Where is my Divine Self? Connect to the part of your being who is awake to know the answer.

The first step is the experience of being present in your heart, in your divine essence.

When I speak of love, trust, faith, compassion, grace and gratitude, it does not refer to intellectual concepts.

Compassion This is not a popular idea. It is an energy that creates lights in your universe.

Grace is not a religious notion or a promise. It is a palpable energy that can be perceived and sent to the world around us.

Faith and Trust are not promises These are frequencies that animate every breath you take in the physical sphere and every inspiration of your soul in the divine sphere.

Gratitude has nothing to do with a mark of politeness that is instilled in you as a child. It’s an energetic recognition of the universe that tells you that you are in alignment with the source.

And Love is not a romantic or religious overflow, it is essentially the energy that animates the whole of creation.

I know that for many of you it will take a significant and constant effort to understand and embrace these different frequencies but sincerely, try, and then you will see change in your lives and the lightness of your soul will animate you.

Thank you Adama

lemurie water city

What is Lemuria?

About 4500000 BC, with the permission of God, Father / Mother, the Archangel Mickael and the angels of the blue flame, escorted to Earth the first souls destined to become the seed of the Lemurian race.

The new souls incarnated on this planet were from the MU Earth. The Earth was beautiful, abundant and of an inconceivable beauty these days. It was the most exquisite paradise in the universe.

This perfection lasted several million years until the beginning of the fall of consciousness which intervened during the fourth golden age.

At that time, other races from Sirius, Alpha, Centaur, Pleiades, and other planets came to join the other souls, and the crossing of all these races enriched the Lemurian civilization.

Lemuria, the mother country, became on this planet the cradle of a radiant civilization that will contribute to the advancement of many other civilizations including the Atlantean civilization.


Where was Lemuria?

The Lemurian age stretched from approximately 4500000 BC until around 12000 years ago. Before the sinking of the continents of Lemuria and later Atlantis, the planet consisted of 7 main continents.
Lands belonging to Lemuria lying under the Pacific Ocean include the island of Hawaii, Easter Island, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.
The Earths around the Indian Ocean and Madagascar were also part of it. The eastern side of Lemuria stretched to California and part of British Columbia in Canada.

How did Lemuria disappear?

Following incessant wars between them, Lemuria and Atlantis were the object of great devastation. Indeed, 25,000 years ago these two greatest civilizations of the time were fighting over the way to lead the other civilizations of the planet.

Lemurs believed that less developed cultures should continue to evolve at their own pace according to their own degree of understanding.

The Atlanteans thought that less advanced cultures should be controlled by the two most advanced civilizations.

This disagreement provoked a series of thermonuclear wars. Finally the Atlanteans and Lemuria were victims of their own aggression. People were informed through the priests that in less than 15000 years their continents would be destroyed.

The destruction of the continent took place earlier than expected and many people were unable to escape in time.

Lemuria was engulfed in one night. This continent sank so abruptly that the majority of the inhabitants were not at all aware of what was happening, almost all were asleep. No unusual weather conditions were reported that night.

Many priests and priestesses sacrificed their lives for others that night. They offered their lives to provide support for their radiance and comfort. They offered this help to counterbalance the fear of such a cataclysm. Through the radiance of their sacrifice, these loving benefactors literally enveloped others in a halo of peace and helped them to overcome fear so that the etheric bodies of these streams of life do not get too damaged. They saved them from experiencing more tragic consequences in later incarnations.

End of the first part.


marijuana spirit

First of all, we must know that at the very beginning when the sacred plants were used, their role was to increase energy and consciousness.

In the distant past, plants were respected and considered sacred

These plants, which altered the state of consciousness of the people, helped them to perceive their divine qualities. Shamans used them for example to increase telepathic faculties, as well as gifts of clairaudiance, clairvoyance, etc … This spiritual opening allowed the connection with the angelic kingdom, with the spirits of nature, with the animal kingdom and all the beings who are on the other side of the veil.
The energies thus developed by the use of these sacred plants gave access to interdimensional travel because the plants were endowed with a vibratory frequency of the 5th dimension and more.

These substances were not smoked and then inhaled into the lungs as many do nowadays. The plants were respected and it was necessary to ask the authorization of the Devas of each plant to benefit from their properties.
They were considered as a food of the soul as important as the food for the body. They had a very high vibration.

Nowadays, drugs are very different

« Current herbs have nothing to do with those used many years ago for spiritual purposes. »

Now the herbs that the present generation smokes in the hope of establishing a connection to the higher planes have nothing to do with those that were used many years ago for spiritual purposes.

« What users consume brings them to lower planes of the astral sphere, they open the door to negative entities in their bodies. »

Today these drugs have negative vibrations. What young people and adults consume leads them to lower planes of the astral sphere. Without knowing it, in the astral sphere, consumers are captured and attacked by entities that need their energies in order to survive.

These entities are the root cause of dependencies. They are born of distortions in the emotional body of users because after a while these entities become more and more aggressive. So as people use these substances, the entities are more and more numerous in the energetic bodies of their hosts. In this astral world, the light is veiled and the consciousness distorted.


Damages with heavy consequences

The substances available today can only adversely affect the mental and spiritual state of the consumer and lead him into a very tortuous mental state where the ego takes over. The damage caused by these drugs so denature the body that in many cases it will take several lives and reincarnation to repair the damage done …

What you can not see (I speak to the consumers of these poisons) is that dozens see hundreds of evil entities cling to you and torment you collectively and incite you to consume advantage again.

These entities have the appearance of opaque smoke snakes measuring 2 to 5 meters in length. It is amplified in the form of an energy that envelops all the body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). This leads most of the time to personality changes and psychological damage.

And again I repeat that those who spend this life in this state of dependence will probably have to live several incarnations before returning to a level of consciousness identical to the one they had when coming into this life.