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Be Yourself

In the world in which we live it is very difficult to be oneself. Without realizing it, each of us puts on one or more different masks. These personae are created over time depending on a situation, a role or a job for example.

Our life is thus formatted by an invisible grid that our family or society imposes on us. And we take on the personae thus created. For a woman, for example, roles can be multiple: mother, wife, good friend, a high-level sportswoman or professional woman, etc … Over time we identify with these personae and we define ourselves as such with all the difficulties that come with it. Problems arise along with money, love, work, responsibilities, and the list is endless. It is very difficult to be oneself with all these roles that we have to play.

Our mind is faced with endless questioning. “Am I doing well? “Am I making the right decision? “Am I competent enough? And sometimes: “If I had known I would have done otherwise! Our mind is in perpetual motion, shifting between all these roles to play.

Not easy to be oneself or even to know whom we are in such conditions? It is not easy for me. When am I playing all these roles? The true being that I am, where is this I inside, if any? How to find balance between all this?

How do you learn to listen to your inner voice when others constantly put demands on you?

And why can’t we simply turn inwards and listen to ourselves? Simply forget the eyes of the beholder from now on.

Playing the role of someone we are not, just to make friends, or to respond to so-called obligations that others impose on us is not the solution. As well as being with somoene or integrating a group to be well regarded or avoid loneliness.

One thing is sure: you can never meet all the expectations of all others  around you.  Thus you must listen to yourself to know what you want to do with your life and make the best of it: it is YOUR life and not that of others. It’s not a selfish posture, it’s simply going back to your inner self and reconnecting with it to do better, feel better and be of better service to others and society.

First you need to accept whom you are with all your good and bad qualities, your injuries whether physical or otherwise. For many of us, appearance is important to win acceptation but this is not essential. If you do not accept your face, your body, your little flaws, you do not accept yourself as a whole. And if we do not accept ourselves as we are simply with our imperfections, we cannot be happy.

When we feel good in our body and our mind, we radiate a nice positive energy that attracts people around. You may not be pretty or handsome, but you are radiant and bright. Others feel a very positive attraction.

To fulfil this quest towards our inner self means that we will strike a balance between what we want, what we are, and what others expect of us. Turning our mind inwards is necessary in a process of opening consciousness.

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